CLASSIQUE 1000 Teardrop Silicone Breast Form


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  • Teardrop shape symmetrical form can be worn on right or left side.
  • Made of medical silicone covered with a skin-like polyurethane film.
  • Concave back


Color: Beige

Sizes: 1 - 15

Silicone Breast Forms

Silicone breast forms are comfortable to wear with mastectomy bras for a natural-looking silhouette. After breast-removal surgery, many women enjoy enhanced confidence with the Classique teardrop-shaped breast prosthesis.

The teardrop shape provides the most natural, lifted silhouette. This shape can sometimes be seen at the top of your bra or while wearing low-cut dresses and tops. This symmetrical breast prosthesis can be worn on the right or the left side and can be angled toward your underarm for a more contoured fit.

Classique medical-grade silicone breast forms mimic the weight and texture of a natural breast and are safe for extended contact with your skin. The breast prosthesis is covered with a skin-like polyurethane film for optimal comfort.

The concave back of the Classique silicone breast prosthesis sits comfortably against your chest while allowing for ample airflow to help regulate your temperature and minimize irritation.

The concave back is suitable for women with substantial remaining breast tissue to add shape and definition.

The nude tone blends seamlessly with a variety of skin tones and isn’t visible under your clothes so you can dress with confidence.

This silicone breast prosthesis is available in sizes 1 through 15 so you can find a form that fits your body.

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