Hats with Hair by Henry Margu

Hats with Hair by Henry Margu

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Henry Margu Wigs

Hats with hair can help women feel more like themselves while experiencing hair loss. If you’re looking for a stylish headpiece that is more discreet than a colorful chemo beanie, a hat with hair might be right for you.

As the oldest and most experienced wig manufacturer in the United States, Henry Margu wigs set the industry standard by constantly perfecting their products with new techniques that make them lighter and more comfortable to wear.

The hats with hair wig styles are popular due to their comfort, natural look, and ease of use. Choose between black and beige caps for a sporty and carefree aesthetic.

Each wig style is available in 12 different wig colors; some women prefer to match their natural hair color, while others take the opportunity to experiment with a new look. These hair accents are available in lengths from 8” to 14” so you can select the look that suits your style and facial structure.

These modern wigs are made with synthetic hair fibers that look and feel natural. Synthetic wigs are easy to maintain and withstand heat and humidity better than real human hair. These wigs will also retain their shape and style. Allow your wig to fully dry after gently washing, and then give a gentle shake to restore the wig’s original curl or sleek straight style.

Henry Margu makes monofilament wigs, meaning the hair strands are 100% hand-tied to the mono-material, rather than a lace front material, for a more natural-looking appearance.