Breast Forms

Breast Forms

For breast cancer patients who choose not to have breast reconstruction after mastectomy surgery, breast forms are an excellent alternative to help restore your curvy, natural breast outline and silhouette.

At, we carry a wide variety of realistic breast forms that give you the shape and definition you need post-surgery.


Our Selection

Many types of breast prostheses are used to regain your shape after various breast surgeries. We offer inexpensive breast forms in a range of styles no matter what sort of breast cancer treatment you may have undergone.

We stock:

  • Full prostheses for a radical double mastectomy
  • Asymmetrical-shaped breast forms for unilateral surgeries
  • Partial forms and shapers for women who have had a lumpectomy and have some remaining breast tissue

Choose from a massive selection of materials from medical-grade silicone for realistic breast forms that offer the look and feel of natural breasts to lightweight foam breast prostheses that are ideal for use immediately after surgery or to wear while relaxing at home.

Get back to doing the activities you love with our assortment of ultra-lightweight aerated silicone gel breast forms for exercise and specially designed swim forms which are quick-drying and ideal for swimming laps, water aerobics, or lounging poolside.

What is a Breast Form Bra?

A breast form bra is an undergarment designed to support and shape the breasts using breast forms.

Since breast forms are often used by women who have undergone mastectomies, they can help to create a natural-looking silhouette.

We offer various brands that provide breast form bras, including Anita and Amoena. These bras typically feature pockets in the cups that allow the breast forms to be inserted, and they may also have additional support features such as molded cups, padding, and extra wide underbust bands.

Breast form bras can be made from various materials, including cotton, lace, and satin. They also come in multiple styles, from comfortable seamless bras to wear under tight-fitting garments to high-impact sports bras to reduce breast form movement when you exercise.

How to Use Breast Forms

A breast form can help to create a more feminine silhouette and can be used to fill out dresses, tops, and even swimsuits. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are a few different ways to use breast forms.

One common way to wear breast forms is by placing them in a bra. This can give you the most natural look and the most comfortable option. If you wear your forms in a bra, pick a well-fitting garment that offers adequate support, such as a mastectomy bra or camisole. You may also want to try using breast petals or silicone nipple covers to help keep your forms in place.

Another option is to wear your breast forms directly on your skin. This can be a good choice if you want to avoid wearing a bra or if you will be wearing a garment that doesn’t have pockets for breast forms. If you wear your breast forms this way, you can use double-sided tape or skin-friendly adhesives to keep them in place.


How to Choose a Breast Form

There are many factors to consider when choosing a breast form, such as size, shape, weight, and material. Breast forms come in various sizes for women of differing body shapes, from petite to full-figured. Choosing one proportionate to your body type is critical for your profile and self-confidence.

Breast Form Shapes

Breast forms come in different shapes, such as teardrop or round, so you can choose one that will create the desired silhouette.

Teardrop breast forms have more volume below the nipple and taper toward the top. These forms are ideal for women with moderate natural breast projection.

Round or oval breast forms have an even volume above and below the nipple, providing fuller breast projection.

Triangle-shaped breast forms are ideal if you have a wider chest wall or broad shoulders. The tapered edges contour to your underarms for added security, and they offer shallow breast projection.

Breast Form Weight

You should also consider the breast form’s weight when making your selection. Some women prefer a lighter form, while others find that a heavier form provides more support and a more realistic appearance.

Decide what material you would like your breast form to be made from when choosing the form that is right for you. Silicone is the most popular choice because it feels the most natural, but latex and foam options are also available.

Additional Features

Many breast forms have specific design features to enhance comfort and security. If you live an active lifestyle, opt for aerated silicone gel forms. These forms offer the same natural look and feel of natural breast tissue, but they are up to 35% lighter than standard silicone breast prostheses, minimizing breast bounce.

You can also find breast forms with a massage backing' that gently stimulates lymph and blood flow to the chest wall to facilitate recovery.

During hot weather, wear breast prostheses with a ribbed backing. This allows for optimal airflow, helping regulate your temperature and reducing perspiration to keep you cool and dry all day.


Regain Your Shape and Confidence with Breast Forms from

If you have opted out of reconstructive surgery, breast forms from can help restore balance and symmetry to your body. We carry breast forms from a range of trusted industry-leading brands, including American Breast Care, Nearly Me, and Trulife. Explore our selection online to find the ideal breast form for your body.


What are breast forms made of?

Breast forms are typically made of silicone, gel, or foam. Silicone is the most popular choice because it feels the most realistic and holds its shape well. A non-silicone breast prosthesis like gel and foam breast forms are also available but may not last as long as silicone forms.

How do I know what size to choose?

The best way to choose the right size is to consult a professional fitting specialist. They can recommend the right size and style based on your body type. Breast forms often come in numerical sizes that correspond to bra cup sizes; check’s size guides for reference.

Can I wear breast forms during exercise?

Yes, you can wear breast forms during exercise. However, it is essential to choose a form that is specifically designed for exercise. These forms usually have a firmer construction that prevents them from moving around during physical activity. Wear your breast forms inside a high-quality sports bra to minimize movement.

How often do I need to replace my breast forms?

The frequency with which you need to replace your breast forms depends on the type of form you choose and how often you wear them. Silicone forms typically last between one and five years, while gel and foam forms may only last six months to a year.

Do I need to wear a bra with my breast forms?

You may choose to wear a bra with your breast forms, but it is not required. If you wear a bra, choose one that fits well and provides adequate support.