Lymphedema / Compression

New Lymphedema Products

Compression therapy is essential for the prevention and treatment of lymphedema. Lymphedema is a serious health complication that can arise after breast cancer surgery that involves the removal of the lymph nodes. It prevents the lymphatic system from adequately draining and filtering lymph fluid causing it to build up in the tissues around the wound site or in the extremities.

Lymphedema can cause severe infection, fibrosis and cellulitis if left untreated. Compression garments provide gentle gradient pressure to your arms and legs to enhance the circulation of lymph fluid and improve blood flow.

At Mastectomyshop.com, we have a wide range of new lymphedema products available to help boost your recovery after breast cancer surgery.

Types of Compression Garments Available at Mastectomyshop.com

We carry an extensive array of compression products from trusted brands such as Anita, Juzo, and Jobst that come in a range of different compression levels from mild 15-20 mmHG to firm 40-50 mmHG. 

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings alleviate tired, aching legs and improve poor lymphatic drainage from your feet up toward your thighs. The stockings a specialized knit that provides  gradient pressure to move lymph fluid up and away from your feet to prevent swelling.

They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles from full thigh length stockings to knee and ankle length compression socks that are ideal for everyday wear. Many models feature a light silicone band at the top to keep your stockings and socks in place. 

Compression Sleeves

Compression sleeves are created to eliminate swelling in your upper and lower arms. They can be worn with or without a gauntlet to cover the wrist and palm, and provide the perfect amount of pressure while still allowing you to move freely.

The multi-directional stretch knit fits snuggly to your arm and moves lymph fluid away from your wrist and hand towards your heart.

We carry sleeves in nude colors that can be worn discreetly under clothing, or show off your style with a compression sleeve from Juzo that comes in a stunning selection of vibrant prints, patterns, and colors.

Compression Wraps and Bandages

Create a custom fit with just the right amount of pressure with a compression wrap. Arm and foot wraps allow for easy application, and enable you to make micro adjustments throughout the day to maintain consistent and comfortable pressure.

Wraps can be worn 24 hours a day as you can loosen the bindings slightly at night for sleep. Many models also come with foam padding to help manage fibrosis due to lymphedema.

Post-Surgical Compression Bras

Post-surgical compression bras are recommended by doctors for use immediately after breast cancer surgery. The gentle compression minimizes swelling and can speed up your recovery by promoting better blood flow to the surgical site and draining away lymph fluid to prevent infection.

Many compression bras come with convenient features including front closures and Velcro straps which allow you to dress more easily if you have a limited range of motion after surgery. Some models also come with discreet pouches to hold drainage tubes for easier changing and cleaning at home.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Compression Garments

The correct fit is essential for the efficacy of your compression garments. Compression garments are created to fit snugly without restricting your blood flow. If they are too loose they are unable to deliver the compression level necessary to address your condition.

Ensure you take precise measurements of the affected limb before buying compression garments. You should measure both the widest and narrowest part of your arm or leg to find the best fit for your body. Please note that measurements should be taken when your limb is at its most reduced state to allow for better sizing accuracy.

Choose Mastectomyshop.com for All Your Compression Needs

While there is no cure for lymphedema, with the right compression garments and therapy the symptoms are manageable. Contact Mastectomyshop.com at (877) 413-2272 to find out more about how our new compression products can help you prevent and treat lymphedema.