Prairie Wear HuggerLuma Compression Mastectomy Bra

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Type of Compression

High to Medium Compression with increased cup support

High support index

Medium coverage with high support for active days, sports and high impact exercise.

The Fit

Snug but comfy fit, designed to support your body in all movement with 360 zoned, mapped compression.

• High Compression - 360 zoned, mapped compression with six individual zones of support and extra cup compression.

• Easy to adjust slide on band and padded, adjustable straps for best fit and support.

• Antibacterial, moisture-wicking, latex free & wire-free

• Scoop neckline and keyhole back for less coverage but more compression than the HuggerVIDA.

• Pocketed and dual layered.

• Easy on, easy off with front locking zip.

• Certified skin safe - Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified.

High Impact activity: Running, sports, gym, riding, yoga and more :)

Active Days: Strong support when you are going to be active in your day to work schedule.

Daily wear without need to wash in between - seriously! Wear it to the gym and straight to work - it is moisture-wicking and antibacterial so it will dry while you wear it & smell fresh :)

High to Medium Compression with extra cup support, Medium Coverage

Our HuggerLUMA is made especially for:

  • Anyone looking for outstanding support and comfort for high demand physical activity with medium body coverage (a great sports bra!)
  • Anyone who has used a HuggerPRIMA for physical exercise but is looking for a less coverage, high support (large cup size, etc.).
  • Everyone who has ever worn more than one sports bra to try and find enough support and still be able to breath (ie. still have circulation).


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