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Swimming is a fun and revitalizing low-impact exercise that can benefit women during recovery from breast cancer. However, many women are reluctant to hit the beach or the pool after surgery, even after being approved for exercise by a physician. 

Mastectomy bathing suits have features tailored to the specific needs of women after breast surgery, including pockets for breast forms. Mastectomy swimsuits also provide more coverage on the chest and underarms than traditional swimsuits.

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What Is a Mastectomy Bathing Suit? 

A mastectomy bathing suit helps women who have undergone breast cancer surgery stay comfortable and supported when swimming. Like traditional mastectomy bras, mastectomy bathing suits are designed with specific features like adjustable straps and high necklines that protect your surgical site and pockets for breast forms. 

At Mastectomyshop.com, we offer a wide selection of styles, colors, patterns, and coverage options, so you can find a mastectomy bathing suit to show off your individual, unique aesthetic while caring for your body.

Who Can Wear a Mastectomy Bathing Suit? 

Mastectomy bathing suits are designed for women who have undergone surgery that removes all (mastectomy) or part (lumpectomy) of their breast; however, any woman can benefit from the comfort and protection of a mastectomy swimsuit.

Most women can return to swimming after their surgeon has removed their stitches and the wound has fully closed, approximately a month after having a mastectomy. However, every woman is unique, so ask your physician or surgeon how soon you can hit the water after surgery.

Some women wear breast forms in a pocketed bra while swimming. Most women opt to wear lightweight or foam leisure prostheses when swimming. After swimming, it is essential to rinse the prosthesis well to avoid potential damage from salt water or chlorine. 

Mastectomyshop.com also offers a line of high-quality swim forms designed for sporting and swimming activities. Swim forms are designed with a ridged back to allow water to drain freely, enhancing airflow and preventing skin irritation and suction against the chest wall.

Types of Mastectomy Bathing Suits

There are many styles of mastectomy bathing suit tops and bottoms available that vary in coverage level. Explore the most common styles to look for when shopping for swimsuits.


One-piece mastectomy bathing suits provide full coverage and come in a range of bold colors and dynamic patterns. A one-piece swimsuit offers optimal protection during movement and is ideal for women who enjoy swimming laps and water aerobics.


A mastectomy tankini offers the same coverage as a one-piece bathing suit, but since it comes in two parts (the tankini top and bikini bottom), this swimsuit style allows you to mix and match pieces for a more personalized outfit.

You can pair a tankini with high-waisted bottoms for extra coverage or pair a patterned top with solid color bottoms for a more modern look. Most tankini tops fall to the hips and cover the long torso, naturally slimming your midriff, and many come with stylish details like ruffles that enhance your bust, side ties, and soft draping.

Swim Bottoms

Since bathing suit bottoms don’t interact with your surgical site, women can generally wear any bikini bottom style they prefer, including a high-waisted bikini. However, choosing swimsuit bottoms with a wide, soft waistband is a smart idea. A wide waistband is flattering on women of all body types, and the soft material will keep you comfortable during swimming.

Tankini and bikini tops may come with matching bottoms already included depending on the swimwear brand.

At Mastectomyshop.com, we offer a wide range of swim bottoms at various coverage levels, from fun, flirty swim skirts to chic swim shorts to classic briefs.

Swim Dresses and Sarongs

If you prefer a more modest look or want additional protection from the sun, a swim dress is a stylish alternative to traditional bikinis and one-piece.

Mastectomy swim dresses come in an array of colorful styles, and many feature sewn-in pockets for breast prostheses. The thigh-skimming skirt is attached to the bodice the entire way around the suit, offering front and back coverage.

Wearing a mastectomy sarong-style suit gives you the functionality of a one-piece swimsuit but features a softly draped modesty panel in front. It is a chic way to enjoy extra coverage and retain your full range of motion.

Features of Mastectomy Bathing Suits

Like surgical bras, mastectomy bathing suits offer features that cater to the needs of women after breast surgery. Most mastectomy bathing suits have some or all these features.

Pocketed Cups

Pocketed Cups Many women wear breast forms, artificial breasts typically made of silicone, after getting a mastectomy. Many mastectomy bras and bathing suits come with pockets sewn into the cups that support and protect breast forms during movement. Both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits typically have pocketed options.

High Necklines and Arm Holes

Many mastectomy swimsuits have higher necklines and armholes that help cover surgical scars or radiation burns. High necklines and armholes also ensure your breast forms are completely covered and secured. As an added benefit, the extra coverage protects your skin from harmful UV rays and sunburns.

Slimming Features

Many swimsuit styles, particularly one-piece suits, come with ruching around the midriff or hidden tummy control panels that slim your silhouette so you feel your best in and out of the water. Some suits employ clever color blocking that can create a slimmer, sleeker appearance.


To prolong their lifespan, mastectomy bathing suits are constructed with high-performance fabrics like micro nylon and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™. These fabrics are quick-drying and resistant to chlorine, salt water, and UV rays.

Adjustable Straps

Finding the right fit for your new body is essential when it comes to bathing suits. With adjustable straps, you can adjust your swimsuit to your comfort level, so there is no uncomfortable pulling or pressure on your surgical site. Wider straps can help distribute the weight of your remaining breast tissue and prostheses across your shoulders for a more comfortable fit.

No Underwire

Following mastectomy surgery, avoid mastectomy swimsuits that have an underwire. An underwire can be extremely harsh on your sensitive surgical site and can even poke and prod at your breast region and cause damage or interfere with your healing process. Choose bathing suits with soft molded cups that gently enhance your shape.

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