Turbans & Headscarves

Hats, Turbans, and Scarves for Chemo Patients

One of the most challenging aspects of breast cancer treatments is losing your hair. For many, your hair is intertwined with your identity. Hair loss can serve as a physical reminder of your battle with cancer but wearing a hat, turban, or scarf can provide a new way to express yourself. Over time, you may actually enjoy wearing chemotherapy headwear.

Chemo Beanies

These are comfortable, stylish head covers that go on your head without any fuss and without even a mirror. They feature unique bunching and a neck ruffle in the back which provide full coverage of your bare neck and are fashionable with the right amount of feminine flare. They are made of the softest materials that have the right amount of stretch to fit securely on any head size.

Scarves for Cancer Patients

There is a wide selection and variety of chemo scarves that come in many fabrics depending on climate, use and occasion. Pre-tied scarves for cancer patients are available for those who do not want or are unable to tie a scarf. If you want the look of a sophisticated head scarf but don't want to tie one, then pre-tied scarves may be a good option for you.

Head wraps for cancer patients have advanced from a long strip of fabric worn around the head to more sophisticated and fashionable head coverings. These are comfortable and versatile and can be worn by themselves or underneath a brimmed hat to completely cover you head.

Whether you are looking for hats, turbans or any other covering for the head, we offer many varieties and styles of head scarves for chemo patients to suit every taste and preference.