Turbans & Headscarves

Turbans & Headscarves

Beanies for Chemo Patients

Hair loss can be one of the most challenging aspects of chemo treatment for breast cancer patients. Head coverings can provide a sense of normalcy, style, sun protection, and sleep comfort.

At Mastectomyshop.com, we carry hats for cancer patients that range from swim caps to hats with hair and are easy to throw on and wear about your daily business. 100% cotton or bamboo hats with brims can shade your face from the sun, while beanies for chemo patients are popular during cooler months.

Headscarves and turbans are popular types of chemo headwear as these products are comfortable and easy to wear. We offer headscarves in a variety of bright colors and vibrant designs, making it fun to mix and match this headwear with the rest of your outfit.

Sleeping caps with full coverage can improve your comfort for a better night’s rest. The fleece exterior and mesh-lined interior provide temperature regulation, and a flip-down eye cover can help you sleep through lights turning on and machines blinking.

Head coverings specifically designed with cancer patients in mind can help keep you comfortable and looking your best during difficult times. From chemo hats to turbans, at Mastectomyshop.com you’ll find headwear that speaks to your style and fits into your lifestyle.