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The Betty by Chemo Beanies offers you the protection of cancer headcovers without the inconvenience of retying and adjusting the scarf each time you need to leave the house. The unique elastic design stretches for a comfortable and easy fit. It slips on and off with ease; no tying necessary.

Beanies for Chemo Patients

If you have received a cancer diagnosis, you understand that hair loss is an unfortunate side effect of chemo treatments for breast cancer. However, it can affect more than your appearance and self-confidence. During your recovery, cancer patients need to protect the delicate skin of the scalp from sun and wind damage.

Cancer patients also often experience issues with temperature regulation. Cancer headscarves like the Chemo Beanie reduce heat loss from your scalp while still allowing the skin to breathe.

While chemo hats and other types of chemo headwear can offer you adequate protection, beanies for chemo patients are an excellent choice for stylish and functional head coverings that are convenient to use and mix and match with any outfit.

The Betty by Chemo Beanies is a chic addition to any post-mastectomy wardrobe. The deep navy color coordinates with a wide range of outfits, and the ruffled texture adds interest to your style and creates the illusion of volume at your crown.

Unlike 100% cotton headscarves that shrink or slip, the Betty by Chemo Beanies is crafted from a blend of rayon and poly spandex that fits snuggly on your head while still breathable for perfect temperature control. This pre-tied head covering is designed specifically for grabbing on-the-go and slips on and off with ease, while the stretch fabric ensures that the beanies stay put all day long, no matter the activity.

The Betty by Chemo Beanies provides full coverage for optimal sun protection to protect your scalp if you suffer hair loss after cancer treatments. The range of Chemo Beanies is so comfortable you can wear them as sleep caps to keep you warm while you rest.

Chemo Beanies are easy to clean and care for; the high-performance fabric blend and color-fast dyes make them machine washable in cold water. Then, simply lay flat to dry.

Chemo Beanies are also sustainable, and you can continue to use them after your cancer treatment is finished and your hair grows back. Simply snip off the chemo scarves’ tail feature, and you can use the Chemo Beanie as a chic bandana or scrunch it up to wear as a cute headband.

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