Wear Ease 770 Karena Textured Gradient Compression Bra

Wear Ease

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-  Pocketed with bust cups
– Zipper front allows for easy donning and doffing
– Adjustable straps enables fitting various sizes
– Breathable and lightweight fabric makes it comfortable to wear day and night
– Double thickness of fabric (placket) provides coverage for the sternum and separation of the breasts
– Textured lining helps soften scars and radiation fibrosis at the breast, thorax and axilla.
It also helps new scars heal with better results.
Note: this garment is not appropriate to use immediately after surgery because the micro massage action may be too aggressive on skin. Wait at least 3-4 weeks until surgical and radiation wounds are healed before wearing. – Combination of compression and massaging provides relief from pain, swelling, inflammation and overall discomfort. Helps massage the inflamed area while compressing it for more comfortable healing

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