How Many Post-Mastectomy Bras Do I Need

Sep 8th, 2020

It can be hard knowing how to dress or what to wear following a breast reconstruction surgery or mastectomy. Some women like to take a minimalistic approach by only purchasing the essential bras they need. Other women embrace drawers full of post-surgery bras, so they have them ready for every workout or a night on the town with friends.

For each woman who believes that post-surgical bras are only something that should be worn on special days or occasions, countless others prefer the support and comfort of wearing a mastectomy bra each day. They like the weight of their breast form, helping to balance out their center of gravity.

Many single mastectomy patients prefer to easily slip their breast prosthesis into the pocketed cups of the bra to balance out their body symmetry with their natural breast.

No matter which category you fall into, it’s a good idea to get to know the different types of bras that have been designed for women following their breast cancer surgery.

Compression Bras

Compression Bras

Compression bras are usually prescribed by doctors to wear immediately following breast surgery. They support the healing process and often feature front closures, so you don’t irritate or disturb sensitive skin. The front closure of these bras is critical because it allows for easy dressing changes while you heal and potentially have less mobility.

These bras are comfortable to put on and take off while your soreness from surgery lingers and you may struggle with a range of motion. They fit snugly against your chest. They’re soft and stylish while still being completely free of underwires, so you know they’re comfortable.

Healing requires time and patience. Having a few compression bras on hand immediately following your surgery allows you to remain comfortable, removes the need for unnecessary straining, and provides a clean bra for you whenever you want it.

Support Bras

Recovery bras, like the Allyson post-surgical bra by Wear Ease are meant to be worn once soreness dissipates, and you’re free to get up and move around the house or shower. They’re often very similar to loungewear or leisure bras, and frequently can be pulled on over your head. Typically they’re very soft and supple with no underwires or closures to contend with.

An unsung hero of support and recovery bras is the camisole. Camisoles can be worn as tank tops or used as an undershirt for some added warmth in colder months.

You can pair them with jackets, sweaters, or dresses, and they offer quite a bit of support. Many mastectomy camisoles feature pockets sewn into the lining of the cups. These pockets are for your breast prostheses or forms to slide in and out of easily. They’re great for thrivers and survivors alike because they’re comfortable and wire-free.

Post-Mastectomy Bras

Support Bras

Post-mastectomy bras are the go-to option once your body has healed from your surgeries, and you’re ready to reclaim your body and life.

Celebrate yourself by choosing a few different options. Suppose you’ve made the decision to be fitted for breast prosthetics. In that case, you can easily find multiple options that accommodate your forms while also allowing you to show off your femininity. From bandeau bras to racerbacks, there’s a bra that will appeal to your confidence and help you feel amazing every day.

You can expect these stunning bras to function just like standard bras but with the added pockets sewn into the fully lined cups to accommodate your chosen forms and prostheses. They generally have adjustable straps so you can get the extra lift you might require for support. Many are lacy or stretchy to keep you feeling comfortable all day long.

For women who have opted for a double mastectomy, there are also permaform bras available. Permaform bras are standard bras with lightweight polyurethane forms sewn into the cups. Wearing these bras means you don’t have to worry about your breast forms shifting.

There’s no number on how many post-mastectomy bras you may need following your surgery, only on how many you want. With so many colors, styles, and sizes available, you’ll have a hard time limiting yourself.

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