Trulife Jennifer Post-surgery Camisole

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Trulife 603 is a soft, feminine camisole that features comfortable knit fabric accented with a beautiful lace applique. An inner pouch with hook and pile tabs holds lightweight fiber-filled forms in place to achieve a symmetrical silhouette. Ideal for post-surgical wear, the camisole is also a comfortable option for leisure wear at home. Internal panel is soft cotton/poly knit; the camisole is a cotton/nylon knit. Forms are poly fiberfill in a cotton/poly cover. Two fiber filled breast and two removable drain pouches are included with each camisole.

Color: White, Ivory, Black

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL



Size(In)  Size(Cm)  Order 
 30-32  65-70  S
 34-36  75-80  M
 38-40  85-90  L
 40-42  90-95  2XL
 44-46  100-105  3X

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