AMOENA Basic Light 2S Silicone Breast Prosthesis


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Designed to meet the essential needs of women following breast surgery. Lightweight silicone.

  • Single layer, ultra-soft lightweight silicone and "feels like cashmere" outer film.
  • 25% lighter than other Amoena standard silicone breast forms of comparable shape.
  • Lighter weight is ideal for women with lymphedema, osteoporosis, arthritis or those with a large bust.
  • Average silhouette

Amoena Breast Prosthesis

Amoena creates high-quality mastectomy products designed to meet your every need after breast surgery. For women who have decided not to have a breast reconstruction, Amoena’s range of premium silicone breast forms can provide you with the symmetry and balance you need to help you look and feel great.

The basic Amoena breast prosthesis is crafted with a silicone core covered with a cashmere-like outer film that is gentle on your skin. The breast prosthesis is up to 25% lighter than other Amoena silicone breast forms.

The ultra lightweight design makes it the perfect choice as a first breast form after mastectomy surgery. The soft exterior won’t irritate sensitive skin or surgical sites, and the reduced weight makes it suitable for women with a large bust or experiencing arthritis, osteoporosis, or lymphedema.

The symmetrical triangular shape enables you to wear the prosthesis on either side of your body. The wide base is perfect for women with a wider chest wall and shallow to average cup profile.

Available in sizes 4-12, the Amoena breast prosthesis comes in a stunning ivory color, and is suitable for use inside any pocketed mastectomy bra.

Purchase the Amoena Basic Light Silicone Breast Prosthesis as part of your post-mastectomy wardrobe for better comfort and confidence after breast cancer surgery.



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