TRULIFE BodiCool Wave Triangle Breast Prosthesis


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Full-coverage of soft TruCool Gel provides maximum contact and delivers an advanced cooling effect while WAVE technology promotes air circulation between the chest wall and breast form.

  • Lightweight silicone and silky-soft skin for additional comfort
  • Helps reduce temperature around the chest wall by several degrees
  • Cooling properties regenerate themselves once the breast form is removed from the chest wall
  • Each breast form includes a removable COOLMAX® breast form cover

Symmetrical Triangle


1 – 14

Average to Full

Trulife Prosthetics

Enhance your shape and support your body after mastectomy surgery with Trulife breast prosthetics. 

Trulife breast prosthetics are full-coverage breast forms that provide the ultimate in comfort. These breast forms encompass orthotics prosthetics breastcare. Each prosthesis is designed to simulate real breast tissue to help you following any breast surgery or reconstruction. 

Trulife breast prosthetics maximize contact for added security and comfort while Trulife’s WAVE technology promotes air circulation between the breast form and your chest wall. 

The prosthetics are filled with TruCool Gel which helps regulate your temperature by drawing heat away from your body. This can also help you manage perspiration so you can carry on with your day at your best or go out on the town at night without discomfort.

Once the breast forms are removed, the heat is released to regenerate the cooling properties for a long-lasting high performance prosthetic that continues to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

The symmetrical, triangular shape mimics a natural breast shape and comes in sizes 1 to 14. The fit is suitable for average to full cup profile and the tapered edges of the triangular form make them ideal for women with a wider chest wall. 

East breast form has a removable COOLMAX® breast form cover. They are lightweight and lovingly crafted from top-grade silicone with a finish that is silky-soft on the skin for added support and comfort. 

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