Recovery Wear

Surgical Bra

Post-surgical bras are specially designed to aid the healing process after breast cancer surgery or breast reconstruction, augmentation, and reduction. These bras often apply compressive pressure, support sore skin, and serve as a post-surgery support system.

Many post-op bras apply firm, but comfortable pressure to your chest to reduce the swelling around the area and improve blood circulation. The extra support is especially important for adding stability after breast augmentation.

Our postoperative bras are soft and made of high-quality, latex-free materials to be gentle on your tender skin. Many of our bras also have zip front features to make it easy to put on and remove your bra without aggravating your healing skin.

We carry postoperative bras with built-in drain pouches to support your body as it flushes out damaging fluids. Bras with pouches can also accommodate soft fiberfill breast forms that are ideal for recovery wear.

Mastectomyshop.com is committed to providing our customers with the best quality products on the market so you can be confident that the items in your shopping bag. We offer a wide range of post-op bra sizes and free returns* for unworn items within 15 business days of purchase.