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The Shower Shirt

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Please note: Due to the medical nature of the product, it is a ‘no-return/non-refundable’ garment.

      Drains are a pain in the chest (literally!). They are not only a bother, they're also painful. Many Doctors instruct you NOT TO wet the area whilst the drains are in place... The Shower Shirt was especially designed by Breast Cancer survivor, Lisa F. Crites, to protect mastectomy drains from water while showering. Mastectomy drains act as portals for bacteria to enter wound sites, increasing the risk of post-surgical infections. The ability to bathe appropriately can reduce your levels of stress and anxiety, while also reducing the risk of infection. The Shower Shirt can be used for showering after a mastectomy. The shower shirt can come in handy beyond your treatment. It also functions as a stylish rainproof sports jacket... 

"Use It Now, Wear It Later". 

 *Also recommended for ESRD patients needing to protect hemodialysis catheters from water while showering.

**The Shower Shirt product for surgery patients is currently the only patented shower shirt garment on the US market!

*** Check with your doctor regarding showering before purchasing this item


The SHOWER SHIRT® is deemed a Class 1 Medical Device. Due to the nature of the product, it is a ‘non-refundable’ garment which cannot be returned after the original packaging has been opened. For unopened returns received within 14 days of purchase, a $25 restocking fee will applied.


 Shower shirt

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