Brobe Breast Cancer Recovery Bundle

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What is Breast Cancer surgery?

The goal of breast cancer surgery is to remove the tumor itself and a portion of surrounding tissue while conserving as much of the natural breast as possible. Breast cancer surgery methods differ in the amount of breast tissue that is taken out with the tumor.

mastectomy removes the entire breast. People undergoing mastectomies might be eligible for options that preserve the nipple and areola or the breast skin. These techniques help enhance breast reconstruction after the cancer is treated, which retains a more natural look.

lumpectomy is considered breast-conserving surgery. The goal of a lumpectomy procedure is to remove the cancer and surrounding normal breast tissue, while leaving most of the breast intact.

Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery Experience

Mastectomy: According to the American Cancer Society, most people can return to their normal activities in about 4 weeks. However, recovery can be longer, potentially taking months, if you have a more extensive procedure, such as a radical mastectomy or if you have breast reconstruction during your mastectomy.

Lumpectomy: Recovery after a lumpectomy varies from person to person. It depends on several factors, including the size of the lump to be removed, type of anesthesia, your general health, and your age. Generally, the healing time varies from a few days to a week.

During your recovery period after a mastectomy or lumpectomy, you are likely to experience:

  • fluid drainage (collected with JP drains)
  • localized pain at incisions
  • swelling
  • bruising
  • general discomfort
  • hot flashes
  • reduced mobility & independence

Our products help manage the drains and reduce your pain, helping you feel calm, secure, and in control as you recover.

What's in the Breast Cancer Recovery Bundle?

  • The Surgery Recovery Robe: Post surgery, many people live in their Surgery Recovery Robe. It's ultra comfortable, functional, and fashionable enough to wear out of the house. 
    • Four (4) pockets inside the robe are designed to hold JP drains and/or ice packs
    • Soft, comfortable fabric will not irritate surgery incisions
    • Three-quarter length sleeves allow for easy IV access during treatment
  • The Pocketed Pillow: Super soft, machine washable pillow, designed to hold hot/cold packs for targeted hot/cold therapy relief.
  • The Plush Hot/Cold Gel Packs (3 count): Thermal therapy packs can be frozen or heated and fit perfectly into robe pockets and pillow.
  • The JP Drain Belt: Shower independently and carry drains comfortably underneath your clothing with the JP Drain Belt. 
    • Each drain belt holds up to four (4) post-operative fluid drains.
    • Pockets are made from moisture-wicking fabric, to dry quickly.  


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