How To Pick Out The Right Breast Cancer Bras for Your Needs

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on Jun 16th, 2017

Having a mastectomy is often a lifesaving and highly successful treatment for breast cancer. After you have undergone a mastectomy, though, there will be a lot of recoveries and special treatment you have to go through. The good news is that today, it is easier than ever for women who have had mastectomies to recover quickly and comfortably while regaining their confidence and self-esteem. After the surgery, your doctor will tell you when you can start wearing breast cancer bras. The next question is which breast cancer bra you should pick. Here are some questions to help you out:

Do You Need A Compression Bra?

During the process of getting a mastectomy, many times some of the lymph nodes in the underarm area will be removed. If they are not removed, then they will be exposed to radiation during breast cancer treatment. This disrupts the flow of lymph throughout the area and can cause fluid buildup and swelling. Compression bras not only have pockets to hold in breast forms but also provide comfortable yet firm pressure on areas such as the upper arms, underarms, breast and chest. The fabric is soft and breathable, and these bras also feature extra wide underbust bands, both for extra support and to ensure that the bra does not ride up uncomfortably or chafe.

Would You Rather Fasten It In Front Or Back?

Many types of breast cancer bras mimic regular bras in appearance and fasten in the back. However, for many women who have undergone mastectomies, fastening their bras this way will be uncomfortable or impossible. This is why there are a lot of mastectomy bras which can be fastened in the front. This is especially ideal for women who have arthritis or some other condition which restricts the movements.