Special Bras for Breast Cancer Patients

After breast cancer surgery, many women rely on the comfort and support of a mastectomy bra. Designed with the needs of breast cancer patients in mind, mastectomy bras can help women regain a balanced, natural silhouette and feel protected and attractive in their new body after breast surgery.

Learn what makes a mastectomy bra unique and explore the features to look for when deciding on the right post-surgical bra for you.

What Is a Mastectomy Bra?

A mastectomy bra is designed for women to wear after breast cancer surgery. Mastectomy bras come with features that assist in the healing process and keep a woman’s chest comfortable and protected following surgery.

Mastectomy bras come in a range of styles, each offering unique benefits. Some mastectomy bras are designed to be worn right after surgery, with pouches to hold surgical drains.

Other mastectomy bras feature stylish touches like lace and floral decorations that can help a woman regain confidence and feel attractive in her new body. There are even sports bra options available that can protect women as they return to exercise.

Many mastectomy bras come with pockets for breast prostheses. Women who choose to wear breast forms rather than undergo reconstructive surgery can wear their breast forms inside a pocketed bra to regain their natural silhouette.

Who Needs a Mastectomy Bra?

Following breast cancer surgery, your doctor will recommend that you wear a post-surgical compression bra to facilitate faster healing and prevent complications like lymphedema. A compression bra is crucial for women who have undergone a lumpectomy and lymph node removal because they are at a higher risk of lymphedema.

If you choose to undergo reconstructive surgery, you may need to wear a post-surgery bra to promote drainage and support your breast implants to prevent dislocation.

If you choose not to reconstruct your breasts, you may prefer to wear a breast prosthesis (breast form) as a temporary or permanent solution. To keep your breast forms secure, you need to wear a pocketed mastectomy bra. The pockets are sewn directly into the cups providing a convenient place to position your breast forms and creating a barrier between the forms and your chest wall.

Mastectomy Bra Features

Mastectomy bras offer healing compression features, easy surgical site access, great support, and comfort.

Soft Fabric and Seams

After surgery, the skin at and around your surgical site is particularly sensitive. Mastectomy bras are made from soft, breathable fabrics and seams that won’t irritate the site. Mastectomy bras with a high cotton content are especially comfortable against the skin.

Gentle Compression

Many mastectomy bras offer gentle compression that increases blood flow and vital healing nutrients to the surgical site. Compression helps prevent lymphedema, an uncomfortable buildup of lymph fluid that causes swollen limbs, a common complication following cancer surgery. Compression mastectomy bras offer full coverage at the surgical site, so the pressure is even and balanced.

Wide Adjustable Straps

Mastectomy bras with wide, adjustable straps offer easy fitting and wearing comfort. Wide straps evenly distribute the weight of your remaining breast tissue and your artificial breast prostheses across your shoulders. This prevents neck and back strain. Some mastectomy bra straps are made with Velcro, which makes dressing and undressing simpler.

Front Closure

Choose a mastectomy bra that closes in the front for easy access to your surgical site. Some surgical bras offer a zipper front closure that allows you to make adjustments more comfortably. Front closure mastectomy bras are available in pocketed and non-pocketed options.

Supportive Underband

Mastectomy bras with a wide, supportive underband beneath the breast cups can help prevent your bra from riding up while providing comfort to your sensitive upper abdominal region. A thicker band around the bust can also protect breast prostheses from slipping out of place.

No Underwire

Unlike many traditional bras, most mastectomy bras don’t have an underwire. An underwire can poke and prod at your surgical site and lead to discomfort and possible damage. You may have stitches or drains to protect after surgery; wearing an underwire bra can damage sutures and puncture drainage ports.

Sports Bras

Mastectomy sports bras can support you when you decide to return to high-impact activities like exercising. These comfortable bras have a wide underband that helps keep your breast tissue and prostheses in place and can support women of all cup sizes. Some women with breast augmentation wear mastectomy sports bras to reduce breast movement during exercise.

Pocketed Options

Many post-mastectomy bras come with pockets. These bras usually have pockets sewn directly into the bra cups to protect the breast prosthesis and keep it in place, though some mastectomy bras feature removable pockets. Some surgical bras contain breathable, moisture-wicking fabric within the bra pockets that help keep your body cool and dry.

Find a Mastectomy Bra

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer or are a post-op cancer survivor, there are numerous styles of mastectomy bras available to support your body as you recover. offers post-surgery bras in every style with the features you need after breast surgery. Order online today or call us for more information at