Bras and Forms for Mastectomy and Breast Cancer

We have a wide selection of breast forms, mastectomy bras, and clothing for women who have had either their entire breast or a portion of their breast removed due to breast cancer. There are many brands and styles from which to choose and these can also be customized to meet your individual needs.

Overall Post Mastectomy Products

After surgery, women look for breast forms and bras that work together well for their unique size and shape. Bras worn after a mastectomy need to be full coverage bras so that the breast forms stay in place throughout the day and scars are covered completely. There are many styles, fabrics, and designs that can do this for you while providing the support and confidence you need every day.

One option is to go with bras with Perma-forms which have a lightweight form made of foam that is sewn permanently into each bra. These types of breast cancer bras are cooler and more comfortable on hot and humid days and work well for women who have problems with manual dexterity or arthritis and have trouble inserting the form into the bra pocket. These bras are usually custom-made.

Options for Mastectomy Bras

One type of bra that many people who have undergone surgery and feel they would not be able to wear is a strapless mastectomy bra. Amazingly, this option is available and can be worn with any breast form. A secure and comfortable fit is provided by an underwire.

Other styles from which you can choose are bras with a camisole-like front or a longer line to the waist, active-wear bras, and leisure bras.

With an of assortment of post-surgical bras from which to choose, you can have that peace of mind knowing you can still feel your best and maintain confidence in your shape.