Get Your Confidence Back by Buying Amoena Mastectomy Bras

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on Oct 27th, 2016

Surviving a mastectomy does not end after the surgery. For many women, the difficulties of living a normal life is still a challenge. The loss of one or both breasts can lead to some difficult emotions.

Fortunately, mastectomy bras can help women gain back their confidence. At, we offer a complete line of post-mastectomy products such as Jodee and Amoena mastectomy bras. Our bras are for all women who have had any type of breast surgery.

Mastectomy Products

A mastectomy products is designed to keep the breast prosthesis secure for women who have gone through mastectomy to treat breast cancer. For the greatest comfort, these bras do not have underwire. Instead, the bra allows the prostheses to move naturally. Many women believe there is not much difference between a mastectomy bra and a regular bra. However, mastectomy bras are made with built-in stretch pockets in the cup area to securely hold the breast prostheses.

Advantages of Mastectomy Bras

Many women feel that these bras help really help to regain a sense of balance and confidence. Listed below are a few other advantages.

  • It aids body posture because of the ultimate support that it provides.
  • It gives some form of protection to the wounds and scars which are a result of the surgery.
  • It can somehow reduce the chances of obtaining back problems, neck and shoulder aches.

Types of Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy products come in many different styles. A few of the top name brands include Jodee and Amoena. These brands sell a wide range of designs and fabrics ranging from lacy to sporty.

Amoena is a world leader in mastectomy bras and camisoles. This brand offers the comfort and style many women desire when purchasing a bra. These bras can also fit a single or bilateral mastectomy and can be designed with a full crossover back for better support.

At, we sell a wide variety of amoena mastectomy bras. We believe that wearing these bras can help you to regain confidence. We have many options and sizes to choose from, visit us online today to learn more about our bras.