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What to Expect From THE Swimwear Collection

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on

One way in which many of us like to enjoy recreation in the summer is through a quick swim. While swimming is effortlessly healthy for everyone, it can be very stigmatizing for women who have undergone surgery related to breast cancer. If you were previously a huge fan of the ponds, you may find yourself withdrawing from that one activity that used to give you enjoyment.

Not anymore, however, because THE swimwear collection at has a wide array of swimwear that is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. So, regardless of the situation you have physically with your recent mastectomy, you can be in a position to swim again with little to no insecurities. Here are just some of the swimwear options you can look forward to seeing in our collection:

Plus Size Mastectomy Swim Dress

If you are a plus size woman who has just undergone a mastectomy, this swim dress will be the perfect fit for you. It uniquely hugs all your curves and is idea for those sunny days spent outdoor at the pool.

Topanga Mastectomy Misses Tops

These tops provide a great fit that will leave you feeling fresh, and like all the other ladies, you will feel normal and able to enjoy the pool just like you did prior to the mastectomy.

One-piece Swimsuits

Our one-piece mastectomy swimsuits are specially designed for an optical illusion. While you may have undergone a cancer procedure on your breasts, this swimsuit has a unique look to it that will completely shift the focus away from your breast area. As a result, people will not be inclined to dwell on your recent shortcomings in body appearance after the surgery.

Of all the variety of wear from THE swimwear collection, they all possess one unique factor. They enable women who have undergone mastectomy to regain their confidence in public and also simply help them feel better personally about their form and shape in the wake of the procedure. They are also available at affordable prices, helping to lessen the strain on the already stressed pockets of our customers.

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