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T.H.E. life & Topanga sizing chart




Science has yet to develop a fabric that can be guaranteed completely colorfast when                
exposed to chlorine, saltwater, and sun.  But, if you rinse this swimsuit in a ratio of                
one pints of white vinegar and two gallons of fresh, cold water, it will help set the                
color in the fabric. Use additional mixture of this ratio as needed for larger suits.                 

NORMAL CARE:                
Please rinse in cool, fresh water after each use and dry naturally in the shade. Do not                
wring, wrap in a towel, or put in a plastic bag when wet or damp.  When dirty, use a                 
mild soap only if needed, do not soak, but rinse right way. NEVER put in a washing                
machine, dryer, or dry or spot clean.  PLEASE NOTE!  Hot tubs and swimming pools with                
excessive chlorine will wear the suit out quickly.  This is NOT considered a manufacturers            
defect.  Some public pools are more likely to use to excessive chlorine in their treatment.                
Properly taking care of your suit will ensure a healthy life and enjoyment of your swimsuit!

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