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Juzo Size Charts

Juzo Arm Sleeves Fitting Chart

Juzo arm sleeve size chart

How to Measure

Measure your wrist circumference at the narrowest part of the wrist that is above the wrist bone. (C) 
Use the chart  to determine if your wrist is size I, II, III, IV, V, or VI.

Measure your elbow circumference at the fullest part of the elbow (E)
Reg. and Max are width variations.

Measure your upper arm circumference at the part just below the armpit.
Reg. and Max are width variations.

Determine your length (C-G) by measuring from the wrist to the part of the arm where the armpit starts.

If your arm does not fit within all the sizes listed for a single garment, you may need a custom arm sleeve. Talk to your therapist or doctor.

Juzo Compression arm sleeve fitting chart

Juzo Hand Gauntlets Fitting Chart

How to Measure

Juzo Gauntlet and Glove Measuring Diagram

For Gloves

Measure the length of each digit (1-5) from the bottom joint to the top most joint below the nail. (X)

Measure the width of each digit (1-5) from side to side. (w)

Measure the length of your hand from the wrist (c) to the line across your knuckles (a). 
Use the chart above to determine your size. (1-6).

If your measurements do not all fit within the same size, you may need a custom glove. Talk to your therapist or doctor.

Size Chart 1102 Gauntlet


Juzo GAuntlet Size Chart 3021/3022
Measurements are listed in centimeters, as they are easier to use with small lengths.

Juzo gauntlet without fingers fitting chart.

For Gauntlets with Thumb Stubs, measure using A and C

Measure the wrist circumference above the wrist bone.  (C)

Measure the width of the palm along the joints. (A)

Use the chart above to determine your size. (1-4 or S,M,L,XL).

If your hand does not fit within the sizes listed, you may need a custom gauntlet. Talk to your therapist or doctor.

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