Why Choose Mastectomy Sports Bras?

May 24th, 2015

Mastectomy, or the removal of a breast infected with cancer, is known for helping to save the lives of women who are suffering from breast cancer. However, one of the most emotionally and physically difficult parts of a mastectomy is the time after the surgery, when a woman must cope with a missing breast. This can be especially challenging for women who are active. Mastectomy sports bras from MastectomyShop.com are made specifically for women who wish to continue playing sports following breast removal surgery.

Bra Description and Benefits

Mastectomy bras feature special pockets designed to hold breast prostheses, which take the place of breasts that have been removed through surgery. Prosthetic breasts have a two-fold purpose: First, they help a woman feel feminine after losing a breast. Second, they prevent women from being off-balance while exercising or simply completing everyday activities. If a woman is off-balance, her spine may start to curve, or she might start dropping her shoulder. Both of these situations can cause pain in the lower back.

Sports Bras

Sports bras are made to provide support to a woman’s breasts when she is engaging in physical exercise. A sports bra minimizes the breasts’ movement, thus making it different from a traditional bra. In addition, these types of bras lack underwire and are made of a material that is flexible and moisture-wicking. Thus sports bras, which are similar to tank tops, are ideal for those performing rigorous activity that causes excessive sweating and that could potentially cause damage to the ligaments in the chest.

Mastectomy Sport Bra Tips

Mastectomy sports bras are designed for women who enjoy engaging in low- or high-impact exercises and want to make sure that both their natural breast and breast prosthesis will remain secure. It is important that you get your mastectomy bra fitted after your post-surgery healing process is complete to make sure the size is correct. The bra needs to be fitted for your cup size as well as your prosthetic size. Sports bras should fit comfortably and snugly while still enabling you to move easily. MastectomyShop.com can guide you through the process of picking out the right bra so that you can remain active with your new breast prosthesis for years to come.