What To Consider When Choosing Mastectomy Breast Forms

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on Mar 22nd, 2017

At MastectomyShop.com we provide a top selection of the most popular brands of breast forms. We also provide specific forms for leisure wear as well as for swimwear, helping our clients to feel comfortable in the clothing they choose and in their busy lives.

Having the correct mastectomy breast forms is important not only for the appearance and aesthetics, but also for your comfort and personal confidence. We understand you will typically work with an expert to fit the correct form and determine the best shape to suit your body and your desired look. This allows for the correct choice of the breast form.

There will be differences in the choices of mastectomy breast forms based on several factors. Most women will have very lightweight forms that are used after the procedure and during the full healing process. These are often fiber filled and allow you to remove or add fiber to create the look you prefer.

After Healing

If you are planning reconstructive surgery or choosing not to, most women will use mastectomy breast forms for at least a short period of time. Some women may choose not to use the forms at all; it is really a very personal choice.

There are different shapes, types and sizes of breast forms. The most common shapes are the triangular, teardrop and asymmetrical. Types can range from silicon to foam with new styles offering a very natural look, light weight, full breathability and the look of the natural breast shape in the bra.

All breast forms can be interchanged within different mastectomy bras of the correct cup size. Some of the forms can be self-adhesive and be used with standard bras. Not all women find these comfortable and some may experience a reaction to the adhesive.

Talk to your fitter about options in breast forms. You will be able to see and feel the different options and also decide the size and shape that is best for your body.