Top 5 Mastectomy Bras for Larger Busts

Apr 29th, 2024

Finding the right post surgery bra for large breasts can feel like a huge challenge, especially when comfort and support are non-negotiable. With the current average bust size in the U.S. being 34DD, many women are seeking solutions that not only fit well but also help with their recovery after a mastectomy.

From ultra-soft fabrics and seamless construction to adjustable straps and wider bust bands, the perfect mastectomy bra combines function with gentle support to help you heal comfortably and confidently.

Discover some of the top mastectomy bras specifically designed for larger busts, ensuring you feel secure and supported during your post surgery journey.

The Importance of a Supportive Mastectomy Bra for Larger Busts

After a mastectomy, choosing the right bra is more than just a matter of comfort—it’s critical for your recovery, particularly if you have a larger bust. Typically, a larger bust is defined as anything over a D cup or a band size of 40. Sometimes, it also refers to breasts that seem disproportionately large compared to the rest of the body. Women with these measurements often face extra challenges when finding a bra that provides comfort and support after surgery.

Carrying larger breasts can lead to several issues, including back pain, poor posture, and skin irritation under the breast area from the additional weight. These problems can become even more pronounced after a mastectomy, as the removal of breast tissue changes the way weight is distributed across the chest and shoulders, potentially increasing physical discomfort and impacting posture.

A supportive mastectomy bra is essential not just for its functionality but also for preventing post surgical complications such as lymphedema—where lymph fluid builds up, causing swelling—and seroma, which is a collection of fluid in the tissues where surgery was performed. These bras are designed to offer plenty of support without restricting blood flow or irritating sensitive scar areas.

Additionally, a good mastectomy bra helps distribute the weight of breast prostheses evenly. This enables you to maintain balance and proper posture, which is essential for those with larger busts, as it helps reduce strain on the back and shoulders. It can also make the recovery process much more comfortable and help you regain confidence in your day-to-day activities.

How to Choose the Best Mastectomy Bra for Large Breasts

Finding the right mastectomy bra for larger breasts means looking for one that offers good support, comfort, and style. Here's how to sort through your options and choose a bra that helps you feel good during recovery.

  • Proper fit. A well-fitting mastectomy bra should fit snugly around your ribcage without digging into your skin. The cups must be large enough to prevent any breast tissue overflow. Since swelling can cause your size to vary during recovery, pick a bra that offers flexibility in sizing, such as those with multiple hook-and-eye closures in the back. One of the best ways to ensure you get the correct bra size is to go for a professional bra fitting.
  • Comfortable materials. The skin around the surgery area will be sensitive, so choosing suitable materials for your mastectomy bra is essential. Fabrics should be hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking to keep the skin dry and prevent irritation. Look for bras made from a blend of cotton and modal or those that incorporate a small amount of elastane for stretch without causing pressure on any scars.
  • Adjustable features. As your body heals from surgery, its shape may change, so adjustable straps and closures are important. Bras with straps that can be altered in length ensure a better fit as the swelling decreases. Similarly, a bra with an adjustable band can accommodate a decrease in chest size as inflammation subsides, helping the bra maintain its supportive qualities over time.
  • Adequate support. When you have larger breasts, a mastectomy bra needs to provide substantial support. Around 80% of a bra’s support comes from the bands, not the straps, so look for designs that feature a broad elastic underband and reinforced side panels to help distribute weight evenly. This design helps prevent the bra from shifting, digging in, or rolling up and reduces the load on your shoulders and back.
  • Pockets for prostheses. Secure and discreet interior pockets for prostheses are non-negotiable if you are forgoing immediate breast reconstruction. They should be soft to the touch and ideally lined with a gentle fabric like microfiber, which prevents irritation. Ensure the pockets are deep enough to fully encase the prosthesis, ensuring it stays firmly in place throughout the day without any risk of slipping or showing.
  • Smooth outline. A mastectomy bra that offers seamless or molded cups creates a natural silhouette. This helps your clothes fit better and allows you to wear a wider range of styles without worrying about the appearance of your bra.
  • Ease of use. Post mastectomy, your mobility can be limited, so you need an easy-to-use bra that minimizes upper body movement. Front-closure bras are ideal as they are easier to handle, especially immediately after surgery, when reaching or stretching might be painful. These bras typically feature hooks or zippered closures.

Top 5 Mastectomy Bras for Larger Busts

Whether you’re looking for exceptional support, skin-friendly materials, or a good fit, the right bra can help you look and feel great throughout your recovery. Here’s a roundup of the top mastectomy bras specially designed for larger busts.

ABC 519 Compression Mastectomy Bra

ABC Compression Mastectomy Bra

The ABC Compression Mastectomy Bra is made to support larger busts immediately after mastectomy surgery. With sizes up to 56F/G, it ensures a snug yet comfortable fit. The soft cotton blend and stretchable fabric adapt to your body, providing gentle compression to stabilize breast tissue and maintain breast shape during recovery. The reinforced side panels offer enhanced support where it’s most needed.

Practical features like a zipper front with hook and eye closure, Velcro cushion straps, and a wide elastic band make this bra easy to wear and adjust. The inner pockets are also perfectly designed to hold breast forms securely, making this bra ideal for maximum comfort and functionality post surgery.

Anita-5349 Safina Post Mastectomy Bra

Anita Safina Post Mastectomy Bra

The Anita Safina Post Mastectomy Bra proves that mastectomy bras for larger breasts can be functional and beautiful. This elegant bra features delicate floral embroidery on transparent tulle across the upper cups, adding a touch of femininity and style. It’s not just about looks—this M-frame bra offers substantial support with its wide, padded straps and cotton-lined pockets that are gentle against the skin.

Perfect for those who want to feel beautiful and supported, the Safina Bra combines practicality with gorgeous design, making it an excellent choice in mastectomy wear. You can also find matching panties to create a beautiful lingerie set.

Jodee Celebration Plus Mastectomy Bra

Jodee Celebration Plus Mastectomy Bra

The Jodee Celebration Plus Mastectomy Bra is designed for maximum comfort and support, making it an excellent choice for larger busts. It features an extra-wide 2¼" underbust “Snuggle Band,” which securely holds the bra in place to prevent ride-up.

The full-coverage cups ensure optimal support and are made from elegant polyester lace on top and durable polyester tricot on the bottom and sides. Each cup includes a cotton/spandex pocket to fit a breast form snugly, enhancing your silhouette while ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Jodee Comfort Plus Mastectomy Bra

Jodee Comfort Plus Mastectomy Bra

For the woman with extra large breasts, the Jodee Comfort Plus Mastectomy Bra delivers comfort where it’s most needed. Its exclusive Super Strap® feature is cushioned to prevent the discomfort of straps digging into your shoulders, which is ideal for those with full and heavy breasts. The fiber-filled cups offer gentle shaping and additional support, with elegant polyester lace on top and durable polyester tricot on the sides.

Each cup also includes a cotton pocket to comfortably accommodate a breast prosthesis. This bra, available in cups G and H up to size 52, alleviates shoulder pain and provides support during recovery.

Posture Support Softcup Mastectomy Bra

Trulife Mandy Three-Quarter Length Posture Support Soft Cup Mastectomy Bra

Ideal for women with limited upper body mobility, lymphedema, or arthritis, this ¾ length soft cup mastectomy bra offers exceptional support and comfort. The Trulife Mandy bra features criss-cross support bands in the back that enhance posture control.

Convenient front-hook closures make dressing easier, and the non-stretch side panels provide extra coverage. Broad 1” elastic straps are fully adjustable to alleviate shoulder tension for full-figured women, and breathable, moisture-wicking pockets made from COOLMAX® fabric ensure comfort throughout the day. Available in sizes up to 56 and cup sizes up to E (DD), it’s designed to meet the needs of various body types.

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