Tips For Buying Mastectomy Bathing Suits

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on Mar 9th, 2017

Perhaps one of the most traumatic shopping experiences for any woman is the dreaded search for the perfect swimsuit. It seems that this is universal regardless of age, weight or fitness level.

Women that have had a mastectomy have even more trepidation about finding the right bathing suit. After all, this is a more revealing garment that most women typically wear and the fear is always there that scar tissue, breast forms or perhaps locations of incisions or treatments may be visible. There is often a decrease in confidence in physical appearance, but this can only be a temporary issue if you focus on maximizing your positive attributes and learn to love your body.

To help, we have put together a list of helpful tips for you to find the right styles, colors and options in mastectomy bathing suits.

Recent Surgery

If you have recently had surgery, choosing mastectomy bathing suits that are fuller across the top to provide a more complete coverage of the breast area. The suits that have more of a tank top look are often ideal. They are designed to provide wider straps, higher necklines and higher side panels that provide coverage up to the armpits.

There are some cool and breezing looking blouson styles that combine a more flowing tank with more of a short type of bottom. These are also a great outfit for lounging around the pool or the beach.


Once you are using breast forms, you can literally choose the suit you like. This includes traditional bikini styles with mix and match tops and bottoms or one-piece suits.

The mastectomy bathing suits with panels to provide a slimmer tummy area or even the skirt or sarong styles are always flattering. These suits come with pockets for breast forms and in styles that are designed to provide just the level of coverage you need to feel comfortable.