The Comfort Of Mastectomy Camisoles

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on Mar 6th, 2017

At, we work with women immediately after their surgery as well as those adjusting to their new body in the weeks and months to come. Most women will use mastectomy camisoles immediately after the procedure, but these are not the only possibilities as you recover and develop your own preferences in lingerie and comfortable clothing.

Surgical Recovery

Most women will have a few mastectomy camisoles that are designed to be worn post-procedure. These are made out of very soft cotton or cotton blends and has pockets to contain drains. They may also come with fiberfill forms, also known as puffs, which provide shape without irritating the area of the incision and drain.

These are very comfortable to wear for most women. The post-surgery options have a front closure for easy on and off. Some designs have no internal seams, leaving only the ultra-soft fabric to prevent issues with skin sensitivity.

Moving Forward

Most women find that the post mastectomy camisoles that are more like traditional camisoles are a great option instead of a bra. With a little bit of lace on the neckline, they add a feminine touch to a button down shirt or a business suit.

They are also more sporty looking camisoles that are ideal for summer wear, under casual clothing or even to wear to bed. Different brands we offer are designed for outerwear or to wear in a layered look.

These camisoles vary slightly by brand and style, but feature built-in bras for breast forms or a full support bra built into the design for unilateral mastectomies. In a range of colors and typically featuring a cotton spandex fabric for comfort and support, these are a must have item for any woman's wardrobe.

It is important to realize that there are sexy, comfortable and appealing options in lingerie, swimwear and bras. By trying different styles and options, you will find the right match for your personal taste.