Take Advantage Of Mastectomy Sports Bras For Comfort

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on Mar 16th, 2017

While many women wear sports bras for their daily workout, they may not realize how comfortable these bras are to wear as a daily use bra. For women who have had a bilateral or unilateral mastectomy, the sports bra can quickly become their go-to bra of choice.

By simply looking through the styles, colors and options in mastectomy sports bras offered at MastectomyShop.com, you can get a good idea of the options. There are those that are more traditional in the way they look and others that are slightly more elegant, offering a bit of lace and design elements that add to the design.

Some women may choose to do their workout without breast forms in place. However, for women who wish to wear bra forms, enhancers or symmetry shapers a sports bra with built in pockets for the forms is a perfect addition to your workout wardrobe as well as for daily wear.

Material and Features

While there are some exceptions, most mastectomy sports bras are going to feature polyester, spandex and cotton in the fabric. This blend provides ideal moisture wicking, moving sweat from the skin to evaporate faster, leaving you cool and comfortable. The breast forms are held securely in the pockets, allowing you to complete even the most intensive workouts or extreme upper body movements with complete confidence.

They also tend to have wider straps for comfort and they can be worn as a stand-alone garment during a workout routine. Slightly higher side panels provide security and coverage.

Most of the mastectomy sports bras will come in the standard colors of white, gray, black and navy. However, there are also that come with color combinations and cute styles, perfect for hitting the gym and feeling great about how you look.