Prosthetic Brassieres – Support Post Recovery

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on Nov 7th, 2017

Mastectomy is an invasive procedure that involves the removal of the breast in order to minimize or eliminate further risk of breast cancer. A patient may endure a single or double mastectomy depending on the patient’s condition and the decision she makes. This is a procedure that can have a significant impact upon a woman’s life both in the physical and emotional sense. In the aftermath of such a procedure, it is important for a woman to have access to the intimate undergarments she needs to help make the transition as smoothly as possible. At we provide prosthetic brassieres as one element that can help a woman feel the support and sense of beauty she desires.

Recovery from a Mastectomy

There are particular physical symptoms a woman may feel and experience in the aftermath of mastectomy procedure. These can include soreness in the underarm area, as well as the shoulder and chest areas. It should be understood that her body has undergone a significant procedure involving incisions made around the surrounding area. This can introduce soreness, and minimize her strength and muscle movement for certain period of time. As well, she may also experience tingling or itchiness in the surrounding area.

Prosthetic Brassieres and Accessories

After mastectomy, it can take a woman period of time to adjust to what has just occurred in her body. Brassieres are specially designed to support and bring physical comfort to a woman who has just had a mastectomy procedure and can be a very helpful addition to her recovery.

These brassieres can provide a woman with excellent support and help her regain her original appearance and the sense of beauty she desires to feel.

Prior to purchasing prosthetic brassieres, you should carefully review the features of the product you are considering and ensure you are going to get the fit you need. As well, be sure to know the materials from which the brassieres are made and review your choices in terms of available styles and colors. At, we provide quality brassiere products that can help you achieve the perfect feel and look you desire.