Make Your Juzo Compression Stockings Last Longer

Oct 14th, 2021

If your physician has recommended that you wear compression stockings following your mastectomy surgery, Juzo compression garments are a high-quality, latex-free option. These medical compression stockings offer you both style and functionality, allowing you to look great while improving your body’s lymphatic drainage to prevent post-operative swelling.

To make your  Juzo compression socks and stockings last longer, you need to give them proper care. This includes washing your stockings correctly, handling them with care, and repairing runs or snags.

Juzo compression garments

Wash Your Stockings Correctly

Washing your stockings correctly is one of the most effective things you can do to make them last longer. Compression garments stretch out as you wear them, which can cause them to become ineffective over time.

When you wash your stockings, it returns them to the original size and shape, helping them fit snugly and control lymphatic fluid drainage more effectively.

If you own a pair of  Juzo Soft Stockings, it is recommended that you wash them every day to help them last longer. Juzo stockings can be washed and dried in the washing machine or by hand.

Washing Machine

To wash your Juzo stockings in the washing machine, place them in a garment bag and wash them on a gentle setting with mild laundry detergent that is  free of bleach and fabric softeners. You can also use a special concentrated wash made specifically for Juzo compression garments.

Dry your compression stockings on a low-heat setting. While some brands of compression stockings are damaged by heat, Juzo uses synthetic elastomers like Elastin-Lycra, which are heat resistant. Once dry, your stockings should be back to their original size to aid you with your compression therapy.

Hand Washing

To hand-wash your Juzo garments, fill your sink with warm water and add a small amount of mild detergent. Wash the compression stockings by moving them vigorously around in the water. Rinse them well with warm water and roll them in a towel to remove excess moisture. You can then hang them to dry or put them in the machine dryer on low.

JOBST Gloves

Hande Your Stockings Carefully

To help your  Juzo Naturally Sheer Stockings last as long as possible, handle them with care. When handling compression stockings, always remove your jewelry, as the metal prongs can easily grip the threads and cause a run or tear.

If possible, use donning gloves when you put on your compression stockings. Try a pair like the  Jobst Donning Gloves to protect your compression stockings from rips and tears caused by sharp jewelry, nails, or rough skin.

 Juzo Naturally Sheer Stockings

Repair When Needed

If you find a run in your compression stockings, your best option to keep them wearable is to fix the run with a needle and thread. In many cases, stitching up the run before it gets worse prevents further damage and helps your compression stockings last longer.

For small frays, you can try using clear fingernail polish or other such non-fray liquid on the run. This method can stop further damage and allow you to get more use out of your compression stockings.

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