Make a Fashion Statement with Chemo Beanies

Aug 6th, 2015

It can be hard to feel beautiful when chemo robs you of your hair. While it may be challenging, it is not impossible to feel yourself again with chemo beanies from In fact, with so many choices available, you can make a different statement every day for more than a month that shows off your beauty and fashion sense in many versatile ways.

Beauty is about More Than Hair

Hair is something that most women have a love-hate relationship with. When it’s curly, we want it straight. When it’s blonde, we want it black. When it’s short, we want it long. But when faced with the loss of it, any dislike we may have had for our hair in the past is forgotten. It seems to become more precious and it is so much a part of us that we can’t see how we will live without it. One of the most dreaded aspects of chemo-therapy is in fact the loss of one’s hair. But chemo-therapy can save lives, which is far more important.

While it may sound trite, it is true that beauty comes from within. Many women can pull off the bald look in stunning fashion, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little help with the transition. That’s where chemo beanies can help.

Find a Style to Fit Your Personality

From Alison to Tanya, the choices range from solids to prints in many different colors. The solid color choices are perfect for office and business, with several black, white, gray and dark blue choices. But there are also bold blues, pinks and purples in various shades.

The prints selections range from fun to funky, from red carpet to down home, and everywhere in between. Animal prints, stripes, florals, plaids and even bubbles adorn these stylish chemo beanies. There are also different wrapping styles and materials from which to choose.

In addition, there are also whimsical choices like caps, scarves and hats. In fact, you could go nearly two months and have a different look on your head every day if you so desired. Hair has never been this versatile!