LuisaLuisa Mastectomy Bras Post Surgery

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on Nov 3rd, 2017

A mastectomy is a surgical procedure that removes a woman's breasts in order to significantly minimize or prevent any further risks of breast cancer occurring. A double mastectomy involves the removal of both breasts and is sometimes performed if the risk of cancer is present in both breast regions. Regardless of whether a single or double mastectomy is performed, the event can have a significant impact upon a woman's life, both physically and emotionally. It's at this time when a woman needs to have comfortable bra products she can wear to give her the necessary comfort and support she needs in the aftermath of her operation. At, we provide many types of bras, including LuisaLuisa mastectomy bras to help women find and experience the post-mastectomy solutions they need.

LuisaLuisa Bras

Among the various LuisaLuisa products we offer include the LuisaLuisa Lace Cradle Bra LCB350. This bra, made from 90% microfiber and 10% Lycra, includes a Nylon/Lycra stretch lace. It includes a hook and eye back closure and is designed to hold any breast form securely. If you need at mastectomy bra action that gives you adequate support and great comfort, then this LuisaLuisa bra along with other LuisaLuisa mastectomy bras and products we offer can help you achieve the long-lasting comfort you need.

Comfortable Option for Post-Surgery Recovery

In the wake of a mastectomy procedure, a woman can experience a significant amount of soreness in the chest and surrounding areas. This is due to the incisions which remove significant amount of tissue during the procedure, which can also affect the strength a woman has around this region for a period of time until healing takes place. Our selection of LuisaLuisa mastectomy bras can help you achieve some much-needed physical healing by providing you with the long-lasting support and comfort you need for this area as you recover.

Prior to making a purchase among our selection of mastectomy bras, be sure to review the features of each bra you are considering carefully. Take the time to understand what bra size you will need, and know what type of materials you will be getting with your mastectomy bra purchase. Finally, to round out your decision, you may also have various options regarding style and color to consider.