Lessen Your Lymphedema Symptoms With Compression Sleeves For Arms

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on Jun 9th, 2017

Modern medicine has developed many treatments to get rid of breast cancer. These treatments have saved the lives of many women. However, a lot of women find that after their cancer has been taken care of, they have some side effects as their bodies adjust to what they have been put through. One of the most common side effects that former breast cancer patients experience is lymphedema. If you or a lady you know is suffering from this uncomfortable condition, then compression sleeves for the arms are just what you are looking for.

Why Are Compression Sleeves Needed For Arms?

To get rid of breast cancer, radiation is used in the area. The lymph nodes in the underarm area are exposed to high levels of radiation, which causes them to stop producing lymph. Since the flow of lymph going throughout your arm is now disrupted, your arm will often start swelling up in a condition which is known as lymphedema. Although there is no known way to cure lymphedema, you can reduce the swelling and discomfort monumentally by wearing compression sleeves.

How Do Compression Sleeves Work?

Compression sleeves are sleeves which you may be prescribed to wear on your arms when you are diagnosed with lymphedema. They fit tightly but comfortably to the arm, keeping down the swelling and ensuring that your arm stays in its proper shape while maintaining healthy circulation. The pressure that these sleeves put on your arms helps keep lymph flowing smoothly from the remaining lymph nodes. Compression sleeves can be made out of a few different materials, each of which is breathable and allows your skin to stay dry. There are compression sleeves that are designed to keep the arms warm in cold weather. Compression sleeves can also be quite stylish and colorful!