How to Tie a Head Wrap for Cancer Patients - 3 Types of Wraps Reviewed

Jan 25th, 2018

Head wraps and scarves are very versatile fashion accessories for a woman and her wardrobe. If you are in a position where you are suffering from some hair loss due to a mastectomy and associated cancer treatment, or if you’re treating or caring for one or more of these individuals, you may benefit from learning how to tie a head wrap for cancer patients. You can access scarves and head wraps in various colors and patterns from us at to create the designs you prefer.

Various Available Design Options

With many sizes, shapes, styles available, it’s up to you to choose how you want to accessorize. It’s helpful to become familiar with some of the popular types of head scarves before you make your decision as to the types you want to include in your wardrobe.

Below we review three different types of head scarves and describe how to tie a head wrap for cancer patients with each of these types. Below we cover the Classic Square Scarf, Bandanna Square Scarf, and Twisted Crown Rectangular Scarf. There are also many more options you may encounter beyond these three. However, these may be sufficient to get you started and provide you with some options.

Classic Square Scarf

Follow these steps to tie a Classic Square Scarf:

  1. Fold the head wrap into a triangle shape
  2. Place the long edge of the triangle across your upper forehead as you drape it over your head
  3. Underneath your chin, cross the ends of the scarf
  4. Position the ends of the scarf besides or back of your neck
  5. Finally, tie the ends of the scarf in a square knot

Bandana Square Scarf

Following these steps will result in an attractive bandana Square Head Wrap:

  1. Fold the scarf into a triangular shape
  2. With the long edge of the triangle across your forehead, drape scarves over your head
  3. Take hold of the two edges of the scarf (one on each side of your face) and wrap them around to a position behind your head
  4. Using a square or granny knot, tie the ends of the scarf together at the back side of your neck
  5. You may also consider tying the knot into a bow for a different look. You may position the knot to the side or back

Twisted Crown Rectangular Scarf

The following steps will teach you how to tie a head wrap for cancer patients in the Twisted Crown Rectangular Scarf style:

1. Position the scarf centered on your forehead 2. Pull the ends forward and twist the sides tightly 3. Keep twisting as you wrap the sides around the crown of your head 4. Tuck in the ends underneath the initial part of the twist

Now that you understand how to tie a head wrap for cancer patients in various styles, you may want to move forward and shop at for the various types of scarves and head wraps we offer.