The Fashion And Beauty Tips Women With Breast Cancer Really Need

Aug 24th, 2020


A cancer diagnosis is hard and undergoing cancer treatments after being diagnosed with breast cancer is even harder. It’s tough on the body but the emotional toll it takes on the individual and their family is arguably even more difficult.

When you’re facing  losing the long hair you’ve always loved, it can feel like your entire life is being taken away. Some courageous women shave their heads and rock the bald look beautifully, but others prefer to put their quiet strength into different aspects of their recovery.

Opting for wigs, hats with hair, turbans and headscarves can be difficult choices to face when you’re already feeling bewildered. It can also be a very powerful way to redefine the beautiful breast cancer survivor that you are. These items give you an opportunity to take back control of how you look and make your treatment and recovery about you and not your cancer.

While some people may consider clothing or makeup to be shallow, many women like to see them as weapons to help them win their emotional war against their cancer diagnosis. At a time when you’re at your most vulnerable, pampering yourself is critical and the pride you take in your appearance shouldn’t be seen as superficial. You deserve to feel great about yourself no matter your health status.

Our Top 5 Fashion and Beauty Tips for Breast Cancer Patients

In order to do you the best service to support you on your journey back to health, we have five terrific beauty tips so you can start taking care of yourself during and after treatment or surgery.

1) Highlight Your Eyes

Filling in your eyebrows is tough for healthy women to master but when the hair of your brows starts to dwindle, tinting them at home once every two weeks can really help make them seem fuller without having to fill them in with makeup every day.

Leaving the tint on for an extra five minutes, as well as tinting just above and just below the strands so your skin becomes stained, gives them a thicker appearance.

You can opt to fill them in more with makeup whenever you plan on leaving the house but by just tinting them, you don’t need to which makes life a lot easier.

Chemo can also diminish your eyelashes which can leave you looking tired. Choose bright, shimmery eyeshadows and apply a black liner along your waterline. This will bring attention to your eyes making them appear clearer and wider and give you a well-rested and fresh appearance.

2) Green Primer

Bust the blotchiness and flushing caused by chemotherapy with a green color-correcting primer. The green cancels out the red to help hide and disguise blemishes and even out skin tone. Apply a small amount under your foundation, remembering that a small amount will go a long way.

3) Accessorize

new accessories

New makeup routines and new clothes need new accessories to tie the look together. While a lot of people immediately think of sparkly jewelry or statement necklaces when it comes to accessories,  headscarves, wigs, and hats with hair all are terrific options to complement new outfits and help you to feel more comfortable.

Because heat escapes quickly through your head, find a material that breathes well and is easy to tie. There are even a lot of options that just slip on over your head with no tying required.

Chemo Beanies are a no-tie option that give you the luxe look of a silk headscarf with the easy application of a beanie. Choose from a range of color options and textures to suit your style.

4) Moisturize Often

Every woman who wears makeup regularly knows how important it is to cleanse your skin daily. The same is true for everyone undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer treatment.

Choose hypo-allergenic products made specifically for sensitive skin. Apply it sparingly and then build it up without dragging or rubbing too hard as this can irritate the skin further.

Choosing micellar water to remove makeup gently while hydrating your skin is an excellent idea to help your skin from becoming irritated by any cosmetic products you’re using. Whatever moisturizer you choose, apply it before beginning your makeup routine and allow it to fully absorb into your skin before starting with primer or foundation.

Moisturize well before sleeping with a thicker night time formula to create a protective barrier to prevent your skin from drying overnight.

5) Be Gentle

Cancer treatments can leave your skin feeling dry and flakey so it’s best to choose any product that is hypo-allergenic and made especially for sensitive skin. This is true for any cosmetic product or clothing you opt to wear. Products that contain alcohol are more likely to dry out your skin in times that it needs hydration the most.

Another way to avoid irritating the skin is to choose clothing, especially pajamas, that will help you from overheating while you wear them.  Cool Jams Pajamas use cotton-like fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin quickly. Doing so can help you to avoid chafing and avoiding upsetting your skin further.

The Take-home Message

While dealing with a cancer diagnosis and the treatment is physically and emotionally difficult, it's vital to remember to pamper yourself during this time. Allow yourself to want the best and give yourself everything you need to be happy and comfortable while you’re on your road to recovery.

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