Compression Sleeves for Arms - Lymphedema Management Made Easier

Sep 2nd, 2015

Lymphedema is a common side-effect of some breast cancer treatments resulting in swelling in the arms. Blockage in the lymphatic system causes fluid in the soft tissue to build up and swell. Painful swelling can be eased and reduced with the use of compression garments. Gentle pressure placed on the affected areas can help prevent fluid from refilling and swelling. Compression therapy is also useful in persons with poor circulation. Compression sleeves for arms from are helpful in managing arm swelling caused by lymphedema.

Mild Compression That is Easy to Tolerate

Compression is very often prescribed by doctors for patients with any type of edema or swelling. Compression garments should fit properly and be replaced regularly. These garments are available in varying degrees of compression, generally measured from mild to high. High compression garments are not easy to put on and patients often require assistance to both put them on and take them off. High compression garments can also be uncomfortable for some patients, especially for long-term wear.

In fact, many patients cannot tolerate high compression at all, especially if they have problems putting on or “donning” the garment. Our compression sleeves for arms are specially designed for these patients. Made of soft and air permeable fabric, the compression sleeves for arms from are comfortable and easy to put on. Minimal, if any, assistance is required to put them on and take them off. You won’t experience the discomfort sometimes associated with the use of other high compression garments. Because they are lightweight, the sleeves feel less constricting than garments in higher degrees of compression, thus making them easier to wear for longer periods of time.

Durably Made and Ready to Wear

Our compression sleeves are made to last using lightweight knit construction and offer proven compression for lymphedema management. The soft, light fabric of these sleeves is easy and comfortable to wear. We can fit a wide range of hand and arm shapes and sizes. You can choose to order your sleeve with or without silicone.

Offered in either black or beige, compression arm sleeves from could be the comfortable answer to your lymphedema swelling issues.