Comparing Anita Mastectomy Bras with Other Available Brands

Comparing The Different Varieties Of Mastectomy Bras

Shopping for a bra after a mastectomy can be a challenging task, especially because there are different types of bras that are available. How do you know which one will work the best for your individual body shape?

Talking with an Mastectomy Expert

The best way to choose a bra after having a mastectomy is to talk with someone who is experienced with breast forms and mastectomy bras. Here at, our staff members are certified to help you find the best fit for your needs. We offer a wide selection of products, including Anita mastectomy bras, Trulife mastectomy bras, Amoena mastectomy bras, as well as other bra band options that are available.

Our staff members can help you choose the right product depending on how far along you are in your recovery, and how much support you will need. We have options available for women who have experienced any type of breast surgery, including reconstruction or a radical mastectomy.

Breast Forms and Bras

When you are talking with a staff member, they can tell you more about how the Amoena breast form works with the Amoena bra. You can choose the right type of breast form to match your needs, and each bra has a discreet inner pocket that will hold the form securely in place. These bras and breast forms look natural, and they are comfortable to wear. In order to find the right fit for comfort, it is a good idea to talk with one of our professional fitters who can help you to purchase the right products. Another popular brand is the Anita Care line, and you might consider trying both brands to find the one that you prefer.

Just because you had a mastectomy, doesn't mean that you need to feel uncomfortable in your clothing. Talk with us today and we will help you to find the perfect mastectomy bra so that you can maintain the womanly curves that you desire.