Breast Prosthesis: An Alternative to Breast Reconstruction

Apr 20th, 2018

breast prosthesis

Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer is life-changing. It also requires a woman to make many immediate decisions about surgery and other forms of medical treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy. Those who undergo a partial or radical mastectomy must also decide whether to have breast reconstruction surgery. After a mastectomy, women often choose not to have breast reconstruction. There are many reasons for this decision, and a breast prosthesis serves as an inexpensive and safe alternative.

Why Choose an Alternative to Breast Reconstruction?

There are several reasons for choosing alternatives for breast reconstruction. Some may have health problems such as extreme thinness, issues with blood circulation, or obesity. Many women decide they do not want to have any additional surgery after mastectomy and wish to return to their everyday life and activities without the added recovery time for reconstructive surgery.

What is a Breast Prosthesis?

Often when we hear the word “prothesis” in reference to the human body, we think of an artificial leg, hand, or arm. However, a prosthesis is any artificial appendage used in place of a missing part of the human body. A breast form is a prosthesis for the human breast. A wide variety of breast forms are readily available to women after mastectomy and are made from many kinds of materials and styles to suit both needs and preferences.

How Do I Find Out What Size Breast Form is Right for Me?

At, our certified and accredited fitters can guide you through the fitting process. Our online professionals can help you find a form that best matches your preferred breast shape and assist you in taking a final measure for your correct size.

What is a Breast Form Made from?

Breast forms are made from many kinds of material. Many are constructed from silicone to better match the weight and feel of a human breast. Rubber and latex, which are lighter, are also used as alternatives to silicone.

Some women prefer  ANITA foam breast forms because they are both lightweight and inexpensive. These breast forms are also recommended for women in the early stages of recovery from surgery. Some athletic women prefer foam ANITA rest forms, and they can even buy Anita breast forms to be worn inside a bathing suit while swimming.

How is a Breast Form Worn?

Breast forms are either inserted into a bra that has been altered to accommodate them or attached directly to the skin with adhesive or a combination of adhesive or magnets. The choice of how to wear a breast form depends on the materials the form is made from, the activities a woman performs while wearing it, and individual comfort and preference.

breast form worn

How Do I Know Which Breast Form is Right for Me?

In considering which breast form to buy, it is important to consider your lifestyle and individual preferences. Talking with other women who have been through mastectomy and recovery can also help, as can checking in with the person who fit you for your breast form. The good news is there are now many breast forms available to you, so it is possible to try several different kinds to find the one that works best for your needs, your body and the way you live.

Although mastectomy is a major life event for many women, they need not face the risks or added recovery time of additional surgery for breast reconstruction when they can buy breast forms tailored to their specific needs and desires.