How Can I Benefit From Breast Cancer Bras?

After Surgery Post Mastectomy Bras

If you have gone through breast cancer surgery, or any other type of medical procedure that has changed the shape of your chest, then you might be considering the purchase of breast cancer bras. These bras are designed in a unique way to give you a natural profile, and there are other benefits that can be gained as well.

Post Mastectomy Bra Support and Functionality

If you have purchased a breast cancer bra, then you know that it can help to boost your self confidence to have a natural profile in your chest. But having a womanly figure isn't the only reason that a post mastectomy bra can be beneficial, because they can also help to support your chest and the tissue that remains.

A good bra will also have enough support for the prosthesis to be held in place. Some of these bras include a prosthesis in one side, and others are double mastectomy bras which include a prosthesis in both sides. If the prosthesis is only on one side, then it is known as an asymmetrical breast form. On the other hand, a symmetrical breast form can be worn for both sides of the chest.

When to Buy a Post Mastectomy Bra

Some women have the desire to purchase post mastectomy bras immediately after the surgery is complete, but it is important to allow your body to heal before you start wearing your bra. There will be incisions that need to heal and scarring below the surface of the skin needs time to recover.

So you won't want to rush into wearing a bra too quickly, because the mastectomy bras can actually irritate and prolong your recovery time if they are worn too soon. You can talk with your doctor about the timing for your recovery, and the doctor will help you to determine if your surgery location has healed enough to wear a bra.

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