Benefits of Mastectomy Camisoles

Dec 3rd, 2015

Removing your entire breast may give you more peace of mind about your chances of survivorship if you have received a breast cancer diagnosis. However, finding clothing that will fit you comfortably following the procedure can naturally be challenging. You may not even know where to shop to find the right pieces. Mastectomy camisoles at are designed to make you feel both comfortable and attractive following the removal of your breast.

Why a Camisole?

A camisole is a must-have garment in any woman’s wardrobe due to its flexibility as both an outerwear and innerwear piece. A camisole is essentially a sleeveless top that can be short, similar to a sports bra, or can be long and cover your midriff. Although these versatile items are often warn as undergarments, women can also use them as outer wear, donning them on their own or with a jacket for a casual yet sophisticated look. Mastectomy camisoles offer the benefit of being versatile like a regular camisole while helping to hold a breast form in place.

Average Profile

A mastectomy camisole that works well with the average profile is the ABC T-Shirt Camisole Style 950. This garment features fashionable lace on the top. This white camisole has breast form pockets and is nearly invisible and smooth beneath your clothing. The causal top can easily be worn on its own or underneath a button-down blouse.

Treatment and Recovery Camisoles

Our Hannah 2860 white camisole at is popular among women both during and following a mastectomy procedure. This is because it has a zip front closure as well as stretchable, padded fabric straps that fasten in the front, which makes access much easier during treatment and while you are recovering your range of motion.

A hook-and-loop fastener inside the Hannah 2860 camisole also can hold removable drain pouches, an invaluable feature that solves the common issue of post-surgical drains. Women also enjoy this particular camisole's smooth interior seams and extremely soft fabric, which makes the garment skin friendly. Regardless of your need or style, at we have a wide range of mastectomy camisoles available that are stylishly designed and convenient to wear year-round.