Amoena Breast Forms for Post-Surgical Women

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on Mar 29th, 2016 operates out of our home base in Margate, Florida, providing romantic, elegant, casual, and fun styles to post-surgical women for over 25 years. Our selection is extensive, and we understand the unique needs of each individual woman. Our products combine style with comfort, and we are continuously striving to ensure that no matter what her medical history may be, every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

A Variety of Sizes and Shapes

Every woman is unique, which means that designers must take the differences in body types into account when designing Amoena breast forms. These intimate pieces of fabric serve an unfathomably important role in building a woman's confidence back up after a major surgery such as a mastectomy. The sew-in foam pieces range in size, shape, and style. You can even purchase breast forms that are designed for underwater wear.

Amoena is only one of the brands we offer in our online store, but it remains a favorite of many of our repeat customers. Amoena breast forms are made out of silicone, and provide a very important service to women worldwide and assist in helping women feel natural, comfortable, and at ease in their own bodies. In order to ensure that silicone breast forms look and feel as natural as possible, they are available in round, teardrop, and asymmetrical shape. Whether you are seeking breast forms for everyday wear or for elegant occasions, you are sure to find a style that you feel comfortable wearing anywhere.

Comfort and Durability

Breast forms are built to last, so if you make this kind of long-term investment in your personal beauty and health, you can be sure that Amoeba's silicone forms won't let you down. The silicone material is tough and durable, and made with longevity in mind. Whether you are looking to replace old breast forms or you have only recently come out of surgery, you can trust that our Amoena breast forms will provide you with a high level of comfort and support.

If you're seeking noticeable enhancement or simply wishing to create the illusion of natural breasts, you can find a silicone breast form offered through our shop that will serve your purposes. Swim forms are also popular among athletic women.

Don't let your medical history prevent you from feeling beautiful and enjoying life. You can continue to live as you did before your major surgery and show off your style in the process.