Almost U Mastectomy Bras for Comfort

Posted by Jeff Jacobs on Nov 2nd, 2017

When a woman has breast cancer surgery, i.e. a mastectomy, the event can have a profound impact upon her life and must be adjusted to gradually over time. At, we provide a range of products that are designed to help women adjust to the impact and consequences of the surgery they have recently undergone – products that can give them the support and comfort they need at this important time. The Almost U mastectomy bras we offer are one example of these products.

Before we cover this particular brand of mastectomy bras, let’s review the different types of products that can help women after breast cancer surgery.

Mastectomy Bras: As mentioned above, these bras are often used women immediately after their surgery. They provide reliable support and also help women keep their original form and shape through the inclusion of foam breast forms within an interior pocket in the bras.

Post-Surgery Camisoles: The post-surgery drain bulbs and temporary breast forms are held within these inner pockets, referred to as camisoles.

Post Mastectomy Leisure Bras: These leisure bras can be worn by women for a few months following the removal of their surgery drains.

Almost U Bras

Although there is a wide range of Almost U mastectomy bras available, some breast cancer patients may be interested in having a bra that allows them experience gentle shaping and support. The Almost U Bandeau Bra Style 1160 does just that. Made from 75% nylon and 25% spandex, it includes lace trip, a feminine bow and tricot cups that are lightly fiber-filled for support and gentle shaping.


One of the most pronounced symptoms that women can experience subsequent to a mastectomy procedure is the feeling of soreness in and around the chest, underarm and shoulder areas. Almost U mastectomy bras can help facilitate the needed recovery. Healing is required around these general areas due to the incisions that have been made during the mastectomy procedure. Strength and muscle movement can be affected due to the removal of tissue that has occurred. A tingling or itchy feeling may also accompany the soreness as the brain continues to send signals to the breast which has been removed. It’s important to wear a bra that does not irritate the area but provides comfort and support for healing to occur.

The Almost U mastectomy bras we offer at include great features of support, comfort and style help you achieve the fit you prefer in the aftermath of your mastectomy procedure.