Advantages of Post-Surgery Bras for Mastectomy Patients

Jun 3rd, 2015

After undergoing a mastectomy, a woman’s chief focus is on healing. However, a woman may also naturally be concerned about how she will look following the removal of her breast. Post-surgery bras, which are available through, can help women feel better about how they look following a mastectomy, even as they strive to feel better physically.

Bra Function

During a mastectomy, a breast that has become infected with cancer is removed. Mastectomy offers many benefits, including being very effective for treating early breast cancer and being associated with a high survival rate among cancer patients. Following a mastectomy, some individuals can wear a traditional bra comfortably. However, some women who have breast prostheses—or breast forms that stimulate actual breasts—need something more. Post-surgery bras are made especially for individuals whose breast prostheses do not adhere to their skin, as these bras provide pockets into which the prostheses fit.

Bra Comfort and Look

In addition to being functional, well-designed mastectomy bras are comfortable. When you wear this type of bra with a breast form, you will find that you are more balanced. In addition, mastectomy bras help to prevent neck and back pain, and they allow you to enjoy the posture to which you are accustomed. Another advantage of a well-made bra is that it simply looks natural. As a result, you can feel confident that when you are in public, you will feel and look professional and attractive.

Bra Tips

After having a mastectomy completed, you can generally expect to be able to be fitted for your first post-surgery bra and breast prosthesis about eight weeks later. Your doctor will be able to tell you exactly when the tissues in the surgical site have healed enough for you to wear a breast form and mastectomy bra. It is worth noting that post surgery bras are sometimes covered by a health insurance plan, at least in part, after you have had a mastectomy done and determine that you want a breast form to be made. With the assistance of’s high-quality mastectomy bras, you can achieve the look you want and feel good following breast removal surgery.