ANITA Care TwinFlex Asymmetric Lightweight breast form


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Features Of TwinFlex Prosthesis Breast Form

  • Anita Care TwinFlex Asymmetric Weight Reduce Prosthesis Breast Form is made of 100% silicone fiber material
  • When in the bra the symmetrical heart shape becomes an asymmetrical breast form
  • Unique technology with the Flex-Gap movement fold on the back of the breast form
  • Up to 35% lighter than a full breast form made of regular silicone gel
  • Particularly soft with SoftLite silicone
  • Can be worn in an underwired bra due to its round shape
  • Especially suitable for small cup sizes
  • Can be used on both sides
  • Very suitable for active, sporty women
  • Indications:
    - Compensation after full mastectomy
    - Compensation under the arms
    - For heavy breasts With tendency to lymphoedema
    - For sporting activities
  • Coloe: Skin

More Information

  • Washing and Care Instructions: 
    - Wash by hand with liquid soap or take into the shower.
    - On breast forms with a microfibre backing the fabric should not be pulled or torn when wet.
    - Dab the wet textile section with a paper or cotton towel; drying time approximately 1 hour.
    - Salt water and water with chlorine, sun cremes etc. are not damaging, but aggressive cleaning agents and solvents will damage the breast form.
    - Pointed or sharp objects, such as animal claws can damage the film, such damage is irreparable.


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