ANITA Valance Lightweight breast form


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The Anita Care Valance Triangular Silicone Prosthesis is a top-quality, lightweight prosthesis for post-surgical women. 

Anita Care 1052X is a wonderful all-around breast form for everyday wear. This top-quality triangular symmetrical form suits a wide range of body types. The whipped silicone material is 25% lighter than traditional silicone forms, for more comfortable wear. A lightweight form is especially great for women with larger breasts or lymphedema, as it reduces tension in your back and shoulders. The form backing fits snugly against the body for natural movement with a matte finish that looks and feels like skin. The Anita Valance prosthesis is soft to the touch and has beautiful shaping. 

Enjoy the quality, comfort and design and the Anita Care Valance Trianglar Silicone Prosthesis.

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