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Feel Better. Get Better.

High-tech, versatile post surgical compression & active recovery bra and binder:

  • Seamless Weave, Underwire Free Technology
  • Versatile Breast Form Pocket
  • Easy Front Lock-Zip
  • Targeted Compression
  • Comfortable & Breathable
  • Antibacterial

 Use your Hugger 24/7 post surgically or just for every day living and exercise.

 We want your Hugger to help you feel better so that you get better.

If your fit is a 3XL, please order the 2XL Hugger with a Large Extender.  

The Hugger

Your high-tech, versatile post surgical compression bra and binder:


  • 24/7 – designed to be worn 24/7. Sleep, work, go to yoga, Dr.’s appointments, have your coffee, go out to dinner, grab groceries or just do whatever you need to do in your typical day and feel supported.
  • Seamless Technology - high-tech “seamless technology” (that means they knit the whole garment on a circular knit machine) ensures that there are no seams to create friction points against the skin, making the Hugger smooth and soft to wear.
  • Targeted Compression - made of two-level compression knits so that the band (about the bottom 2,5cm of the bodice) is a rib knit for comfort and the main chest and back centre panels are a high compression knit for support and to ensure boobs stay above the band, are not pinched by it, and still have good definition which is quite remarkable in a garment without any under-wire! The technical description for this is “excellent lower pole support” – now you know.
  • Breathability - above the breast, over the shoulders and along the top of the back you will find a third type of knit – perforated for breathability to moderate your body heat as much as possible while your Hugger is working hard on compression.
  • Antibacterial Yarn - special antibacterial, high performance yarn used to make your Hugger means you can wear your Hugger for a good few days (24/7) before washing without obvious odour. Our record so far on testing is 19 days through hot yoga, spinning, hiking, sleeping and your regular every day stuff. .
  • Post Surgery Tested - We wear tested your Hugger post surgically with surgeons and people like you for a multitude of different surgeries and a lot of different types of bodies because we want your Hugger to truly help you feel better so that you can get better.

  • Easy Front Locking Zip - easy to put on and take off, particularly when you don’t feel like lifting your arms and struggling into or out of a compressive garment.
  • G-Hook with Elastic Loop – sometimes, you need a little help from your friends. In this case, you can use the G-Hook and loop to hold the Hugger in place while you zip it up.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap - easy to use and allow the Hugger to fit different torso lengths comfortably.
  • Inner Placket - a safeguard to protect your skin and/or surgical areas from the zipper hardware.
  • Cookie Pocket – …because, we all love cookies. Your Hugger cookie pockets can be used for cookies (aka padding) or ice or whatever you want to put in the pocket. The cookies provided with your Hugger are easy to use, replace or totally remove if you prefer.
  • Easy Care - just cold machine-wash and tumble-dry on low heat and you’re all set. No bleach, ironing or fuss needed. And, remember, you don’t have to wash your Hugger everyday to wear it everyday even with increased activity. Your Hugger will stay looking good and smelling fresh for long periods of time.
  • Durable – super durable in the wash in case you accidently throw your Hugger in with a dirty mop head or your dog’s rain coat covered in mud with lots of Velcro closures (we have tried it!)
  • Sweet Heart Neckline – functional and pretty. Easy to wear under a range of shirt styles while maintaining good upper pole compression.
  • Colour Options - two colour options – No Moon Black and Wheat Biege - intended to work with a bunch of different garments and fashion preferences.
  • Confidence – we want you to feel confident! Our Huggers are intended to make you feel safe and secure, in and out of your clothing as you move through every day life .



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