Port-A-Pal Seat Belt Cushion

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The newest member of The Breast & Chest Buddy family is the patent pending Port-a-Pal.

Port-a-Pal is specifically designed for portable catheter and chemotherapy  patients.

What is Port-a-Pal?


Port-a-Pal is a smaller version of the Breast & Chest Buddy, but also crafted with the best fleece fabric and foam and always, ALWAYS USA MADE!

Why is Port-a-Pal so unique?


Our patent pending Port-a-Pal is so special because it features a cut-out, circular indentation in the foam beneath the slipcover.

Tell me more!


Because we have designed the Port-a-Pal with the circular area cut-out in the foam, it "nestles" your port-a-cath site, rather than sits atop it, which can cause unnecessary  pressure and inflammation.



As with all of our Breast & Chest Buddy products, the Port-a-Cath is ready to be secured around any seatbelt, right out of the package. Designed for bilateral use. 

Better Together


Many of our customers simultaneously purchase The Breast & Chest Buddy (to utilize immediately following surgery) PLUS the Port-a-Pal to have on hand when they begin chemotherapy.  

Check out our sister product The Breast and Chest Buddy.  https://www.mastectomyshop.com/the-breast-chest-buddy-seat-belt-cushion/ 

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