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The Nearly Me Attachable Nipples are self-adhering nipples made of soft, molded 100 percent silicone that can be worn on the natural breast or breast forms. They will not stick to hair or leave a residue on the skin. Washable and reusable, with proper care, they will last for many wearings.

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  • Cleaning of Attachable Nipples: 
    - Wash your silicone attachable nipples with mild soap and water 
    - Any soap that is safe for your skin is safe for the forms polyurethane skin
    - Do not use solvents like alcohol or kitchen cleaning products
    - The silicone forms are totally water proof
    - Then towel dry and store in the cradle that comes with the box
    - If the form has a permanent cloth cover, wash as above, do not bleach, cover will dry overnight 
    - Foam forms can be washed in the same way: hand wash with mild soap and water, pat dry with a towel, air dry
    - Always wash your forms after swimming
    - Make sure to rinse well enough to remove all soap or cosmetic residue as these may cause irritation

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