Medical ID B-311 Stainless Large Open Heart Link Replacement Bracelet

Medical Alert

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Cute, Open Heart, stainless steel silver link medical Id replacement Bracelet. Great for Girls and Women of all ages! Links measure 1/2” x 3/8”, and are 2mm thick.
Attach this bracelet to a medical ID tag. Tags are sold separate, or attach your own tag. Tag sizes vary Usually between 1.25" - 2" in length.
Please add the tags length to the strand to achieve your overall length. If your tag is 1.5" long attaching it to a 6" strand your total length will be 7.5". Allow yourself some wiggle room and do not make total length your exact wrist size. Available in 6 Sizes!

Strand Measures 5 inches (Child/Youth/Small Adult)

Strand Measures 6 inches (Average adult).

Strand Measures 7 inches (Larger adult)


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