Jodee Mastectomy Bras for Mastectomy Recovery Wear

jodee mastectomy brasMany women are eager to start wearing regular clothing as soon as possible after surgery, but if you are recovering from a mastectomy then it is important that you allow time for your chest to heal before wearing certain types of clothing. Don't rush into wearing a regular mastectomy bra too quickly, because there are other post-surgery options that you should consider first.

Mastectomy Bras Right After Surgery

Immediately after surgery, the area of the incision will need to time to heal while the inflammation goes down. Your doctor might suggest that you avoid certain types of clothing during this time, and there are specific types of post-surgery-mastectomy options that might be used. For example, we offer a compression bra that helps to reduce inflammation so that the surgical area can heal more effectively.


Other options include lightweight camisoles that have built in pockets for a gentle fit. Or, you may need to wear a mastectomy camisole that includes drain management pouches which can be used while you are healing.

Post Mastectomy Bras

One your incisions have healed, you need to talk with your doctor to make sure that you have the approval to start wearing regular mastectomy bras. These bras are designed with built-in pockets that hold the breast forms, as well as additional support to make you feel more comfortable. The pockets are the perfect solution after any type of surgery because you can adjust the breast forms to fit your body. For example, if you only need a breast form on one side, then the other side can naturally fit within the bra without a form.

Here at, we are proud to offer high quality mastectomy bras to make you feel comfortable through the day. Some of the major brands that we carry include Jodee mastectomy bras, LuisaLuisa Bras, and Amoena bras. Talk with one of our fitting specialists to determine the type of bra that might be best for your individual situation.